Today started at 4:30 am. Yup. You read that right, and why is it that us wackos did that? TO WATCH THE SUNRISE EHEH. 

Then after an epic sunrise, we saw the mist settle around a grass field and it was truly breathtaking. There is just so much nature in Sunshine Coast it's overwhelming. There are just rolling hills and trees EVERYWHERE. seriously epic.

But now, to the main event... we drove up to the Blackall ranges to go hike the hinterland!! We were only thinking of going for about a 5,6 km walk, but somehow got so into it that 4 hours later, we found that we had jogged about 25 km on the trail, surrounded by the most lush, gorgeous vegetation.

Safe to say, after those 4 hours we were ready to head home for a shower and some more food. We brought heaps of dates along, but I mean, I can only eat so many dates before I crave something different! ahah. But after a few minutes it became clear to us, that we were stranded out there. Katie dropped us off, but then had to head over to work, and later we realized that the public transport in the town closest to us didn't run on weekends. So basically we were a tad bit screwed. Then what do you know, the universe provides an answer. So as we were standing on the corner of the road with the "where the hell am I, I just wanna go home" look, a man walking his dynamic duo of poodles passed by us and asked if we were lost. We vigorously nodded our heads, and asked if he knew how we should get back to Bli Bli, the suburb we were staying in. The man, Jefferey, graciously offered to drive us over to the next major town so we could catch public transport from there, and we gratefully accepted. On the drive over we got to chatting with him, and quickly realized that he was an incredible man. His childhood consisted of constantly moving due to his fathers occupation as a pilot, so he grew up in places like Lebanon, Burma, and Paris. This ignited his love for travel which he pursued vehemently for a few years, before he got a law degree and settled down in Australia. Since then he's had 6 kids, and countless rescue dogs. I don't know what it is, I just love talking to older people, I just find that I can relate so much more with them, and they can relate with me so much more than my peers. And they've also just had such interesting experiences, and have learnt so much that it's just such a beautiful source of knowledge and insights... Anyways, after we reached the next town over, I gave him a big hug and thanked him with all my heart.

And then, an hour after, we were home, showered, and digging into strawberry, banana, coconut sugar soft serve, topped with coconut shreds and a peanut butter Cliff bar! So crazy delicious! 

Then the next few hours were spent relaxing in the sun, chatting with Callum on the phone, editing some vlogs, and having a jam sesh to some oldies but goodies (like jesse mccartney, spice girls, black eyed peas, outkast eheh).

Then we started making our dinner of sweet potatoes, potatoes, veggies, & basmati rice all drowned in this sweet and tangy tomato sauce, chilli powder and lemon juice. I had 2 plates, and then also a jelly donut, and some sweet potatoes and tahini...SAFE TO SAY IM STUFFED. EHEH.

And now... I'm just gonna listen to some Boyce Avenue on youtube then sleep :). It's been a pretty damn awesome day. So so grateful for this life.

What are you grateful for?