So after our crazy long day and hectic hike yesterday, I slept in today and had a real lazy morning. Then around 9 we headed out to Noosa National Park in search of rock pools. After getting lost, and not knowing where we were going for about an hour, we finally made it to the national park! Now to paint the picture of what Noosa is like imagine this. The most blue blue waters you can picture, with the softest white sand, and the most intricate black rockfaces. Now put them all together, and there you have Noosa Heads. So after walking on the trail for about 30 minutes, we found the rock pools. We climbed down, put our bathers on, and jumped into the cold refreshing clear waters! It was just incredible, to be in a pocket of water protected in a little pool of water by looming black rocks, with waves crashing all around us and mist spraying into our eyes. Then after lots of swimming and some fun pictures, we dried off and headed back. On the way back, we spotted a pod of dolphins, a turtle, and a koala lounging in a tree. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

After that little adventure we were all pretty spent, so we came home and chilled for awhile, before heading out into Coolum. I met up with two of my friends at a raw vegan cafe called A New Earth and got some pretty tasty cakes. 

Then immediately came back, packed up, and was on the road to BRISBANE! On our drive we listened to the Rich Roll Podcast, and just enjoyed each others company. My friend Katie dropped me off at my other friend Katie's house in Brisbane. I'm staying with Katie, aka @little.vegan.girl on insta! So immediately after arriving at her place, I was greeted with wet slobbery kisses by her dog Subi, who is basically like a huge fluffy white ball of CUTENESS AND JOY. Then basically 3 seconds after meeting Katie, I knew I was going to love her. She is truly just the most kind, sweet beautiful person, and I am so touched by how she has just opened up her home to help me out. She's taking a day off work to take me to the Gold Coast tomorrow, and just show me around. I mean how insanely kind is that?! Plus tonight, we she took me to Vege Rama for dinner, and it was seriously the most amazing food. We got this delicious pizza, and a vegan burger with crispy fries dipped in a mustard aioli. JUST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VEGAN JUNK FOOD EVERRRRRR! ahahah. Then obviously we had to get dessert so we chose the choc cheesecake with a super fragrant vanilla syrup. NOM NOM. But honestly besides the food, we just got to chatting about everything, and she is seriously such a great listener, and made me feel so comfortable. I just opened up to her, and unloaded all my thoughts and my past on her, and we just talked heaps about life, our dreams, our stories, and everything in between. Seriously such a magical evening. AH life is so dang good. I can't wait for our Gold Coast adventure tomorrow! check back to see how it goes! :)

I'm just feeling so overwhelmed by my gratitude for all the kind generous people in my life. To the point where I felt unworthy of their extreme kindness and couldn't understand why I was so blessed with all these incredible people.