LIFE... man it's a funny thing isn't it? how everything works out? how everything falls into place? it's just truly magical. All the experiences I've had and mistakes I've had have led me to where I am today, sitting in my friends house in Brisbane, typing this, after having the most INCREDIBLE day. Truly, today was one of my favourite days ever... in my entire life.

So here's how it went down.

Woke up around 5, went for a walk while chatting with my best friend on the phone (my mom), came back to Katie's house, packed up and drove to Mount Warning.

We got lost about 3000000 times, but eventually we made it there. But regardless it was such an awesome drive, we sipped on our smoothies, and chatted/bonded while just getting to know each other fully. :) So when we got to Mount Warning, we immediately set off on the hike, the recommended time for the hike is 4-5 hours. We did it in 2... ahahah, suffice it to say I'm pretty damn sore now. Katie is also seriously just fit as fuck ahaha, I thought I was fit, until I went on this hike with her, and found myself struggling to keep up. The hike was also just seriously one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. The vegetation and nature I was surrounded by was so different from what I'm used to (pine trees). It reminded me of a lush tropical rainforest, and it just took my breath away. I loved just pushing myself physically, hearing my breath, feeling my heartbeat, and being surrounded by the most incredible scenery. Also, the last part of the hike was so flipping epic, it was legitimately like a vertical climb up where you had to use your hands to pull yourself up, I mean I seriously felt so intense and badass climbing it. 

After we finally got to the top, we were rewarded by the most epic view of the mountains and surrounding regions. And after we got our fill we ran back down while chatting! It was seriously the best way to start our day, and by the end of it i was sweating as if I had just done a hot yoga class.

To replenish ourselves after the hike we snacked on some mint chocolate bliss balls, while en route to BYRON BAY. After once again being screwed over by google maps, we arrived at Byron Bay and headed straight to Naked Treaties for some raw vegan goodies. I got a mint choc cheesecake, and also shared some of katie's EPIC raw wrap.

Then we chilled on the beach, had some more laughs, talked heaps, then headed back home. Once home, we took Subi (KATIES DOG WHO IS CUTE AS FUCK) out to the dog park, where he ensued to hump every dog there ahahah. But after awhile it started spitting rain so we headed back. 

Dinner was the most epic peanut satay tofu stir fry that Katies finance Dan (WHO IS ALSO VEGAN) cooked up for us. There were six of us, just eating, chatting, and enjoying each others company and having hilarious and inspiring conversations. I just had this moment of looking around at these (pretty much) complete strangers, that I had met through Kaite (someone I connected with through Instagram), and just feeling so blessed to have encountered them during my life. I just felt so at ease, and just so freaking happy. I can not say how much genuine connections with genuine beautiful people means to me, and these people that I shared dinner with tonight are definitely up there with some of the most genuine people I've ever met.

I am truly blessed.