4:50 am wakeup call.

1 hour hot yoga class.

peanut butter smoothie bowl made by the gorgeous Katie.

Documentary about the sea.

Walk Subi (aka the cutest ball of fluff)

Go for lunch with Jason and Katie at Sol natural foods. 

Eat my weight in pizza, nachos and smoothies. 

Chat for ages with two beautiful human beings.

Take the train with my 20 kilo hiking bag, camera bag, and backpack.

Move to my beautiful friend Sophie's place.


Meet Sophie's roommates. And have an awesome night chatting and bonding.

Eat biscuit spread for the first time. OMG.

That was my day in a nutshell, but now onto gratitude...

Honestly, I have so much appreciation and love for all the beautiful humans I've encountered. But specifically today I'm just feeling so much gratitude towards Katie. I just met Katie about three days ago and I truly feel like I’ve known her for ages. She is just one of those people that is so ridiculously giving and generous that it makes my heart feel so full that it’ll just burst. These last few days she’s brought me hiking, to yoga, to Byron, to so many yummy vegan places, and she’s made me feel at home in a foreign city in a foreign country. Travel can be extremely lonely at times since you’re always on the move so I truly appreciated the love and security I felt staying with her and her beautiful roommates and fiance. ❤️ What are you grateful for?