This morning started with a relaxing jog while listening to my fav podcast. I haven't run in awhile so it was nice just to get moving and get back to my routine of active meditation everyday. Then after the run came waffles. Waffles topped with chocolate tahini sauce and strawberry banana ice cream. Yup it tasted as good as it sounds, and yes I was stuffed after. During our delicious breakfast feast, me and Sophie had the most intriguing inspiring, stimulating conversations about our existence, the universe, weather patterns, human behaviour and more. 

Then I spent the rest of the morning going through footage, and trying to edit some videos. But mostly I just kept getting distracted and dosing off. After lunch, I made my way into West End with by public transport. I gave myself about an hour buffer just in case I got lost, which I definitely did... But I ended up taking the ferry, then walking about 30 minutes to the Climbing Gym that my friend Sophie goes to. Then... I went rock climbing with sophie! AH it was seriously so much fun, it's one of the most entertaining, challenging activities I've ever done. Climbing up the wall was like solving a jigsaw puzzle, while exerting yourself and pushing yourself physically. It was such a great mental and physical exercise. I SERIOUSLY FELL IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT CLIMBING. I love how graceful and beautiful accomplished climbers look as they glide up the walls. I definitely want to get more into climbing. But now after almost 1.5 hours of climbing, my fingers and wrists are so tired I can barely hold up my water bottle. 

AND AFTER CLIMBING CAME THE MEETUP! Over 20 people ended up coming and it was just so much fun as usual! There were so many kind lovely people and I loved meeting all of them. I also ordered a curry that was tasty as fuck, and shared 3 vegan desserts. NOM NOM. But now, I'm back at Sophie's place and just feeling a little drained.

I am just exhausted. As incredible as these past two weeks have been, meeting people, exploring, seeing new cities, moving around, and just doing something all the time everyday has really worn me down. So now I'm snuggled in with a mug of tea, trying to coax my unhappy stomach. Note to self: even the yummiest vegan junk food isn't worth it if it makes you feel like crap, and especially when you start to eat it on the daily. 

I'm so thankful for today. Because even though it was incredible and I had a wonderful day, I'm definitely feeling less chipper than usual. I'm so grateful for the days when I do feel more or less down because they provide insight and perspective onto the days when I feel stellar. Life is not a constant journey, it's full of ups and downs, and all we can do is really ride the waves and make the best of the downs, and enjoy the ups in the moment.