DAY 16

These last two weeks have been just incredible. It’s been so full of laughs, new friendships, challenging experiences, and heartwarming love. However I have realized that as amazing as these 14 days have been, it’s been a tad bit draining for me. Just constantly being on the move, being surrounded by new people, and doing something everyday has slowly worn me down. But today is exactly what I needed to recharge. I spent the day watching disney movies, documentaries, and editing some youtube videos.


Then in the afternoon I met some friends at the Boundary markets and ate some DELISH donuts from @bakeplantbased.

And after dropping some donuts off for a friend, came back to my friends place, had some (like 3 rounds of) homemade vegan stroganoff with fresh sourdough bread, and watched a movie with 4 other gorgeous human beings.

And now, I’m going to bed. happy, very full, and newly revitalized 😊// So thankful for relaxing slow days, drool worthy doughnuts, and wonderful friends. What are you grateful for? #