Today was a beautiful sunny day. Blue skies, white clouds, and a sweet sweet breeze. So I headed out to the park and went for a quick run, then came back and decided to make coconut, banana, chocolate cookies because... why not. So I mean, I immediately knew it was gonna be a good day. ehehe.

Then after some awesome conversations with some of my housemates here, me and Steph (yep we have the same name hehe) hit the city for some vegan treats eheh.

So after training into the city we went to Noosa Chocolate Factory and bought some...VEGAN ROCKY ROAD. Steph also got some chocolate covered ginger (which was amazeballs) and cherries.

Then after stopping to get a green smoothie, we hit the botanical gardens. We took a lovely walk around the serene peaceful gardens before finding a shaded grassy spot to sit and chat. We snacked on our chocolatey treats and blueberries while having a very introspective, inspiring and genuine conversation about all aspects of life. Steph is someone who fascinates me and intrigues me. Besides being such a gentle beautiful insightful being, her knowledge and interests are so eclectic and they just make me want to know and understand her mind. I've only known her for a few days but since the very first encounter, we definitely connected and I know she'll be a life long friend.

Then, came the evening adventures. One of my friends, picked me up and took me around the city, Southbank, played pool, and out to the most incredible seven course vegan degustation dinner at Bacchus! The food was seriously the most flavourful delicious vegan food I've ever tasted. My only complaint was that THE PORTIONS WERE TOO SMALL. Every dish left me wanting more! But besides the food, I've never had such stimulating conversations before in my life. I've never had my thoughts and beliefs challenged in such an incredible and exhilarating way. It made me realize how MUCH I have left to learn, how much mystery there is in this world, and how much untapped avenues of thought there are in our world. After a glass of wine, and then a late night of just having a good time with good chaps, I came home and just passed out. Which is why this post is a day late... forgive me please! hahah, I was just too busy living my life, but I definitely won't make these late nights a habit so don't worry, I don't perceive this happening again anytime soon :)