So after getting to bed at 4 am last night, lets suffice it to say that I was not full of energy this morning. So after a slow lazy start, I started getting to work on my blog, and editing vids. I also watched a few videos on our universe and existence... I'M SO FASCINATED BY THAT TOPIC RIGHT NOW.

Then I headed out into the city for some DELISH coco whip at Pawpaw cafe! I met up with three beautiful friends who I met while in Thailand. They are truly such special people to me. We devoured our cocowhips in seconds but stayed there and talked for ages. They're genuine kind beautiful personalities are just so incredible and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. Oh also the coco whip was insane... Me and Kira had the chocolate one with mint choc slice on top all drowned in chocolate sauce, and the two boys had a caramel one with a caramel slice drowned in caramel sauce...

After getting home from that delish snack, Sophie, Kal and I went to the park to slack line in the sunset! I've never done it before but man it is just so incredible! IM IN LOVE WITH IT. In order to succeed and maintain balance, it requires balance and coordination, but most importantly you need to be relaxed. That's why I love it, it forces you to practice relaxing and is almost like mindful active meditation in a sense. I was able to take about 4 steps without falling by then end of the 40 minutes which was super exciting for me! hehee, but man Kal and Sophie are way too pro!

After spending about an hour trying to balance on a string we worked up an appetite and came home to make dinner...WHICH WAS FUCKING SPECTACULAR. We cooked up a ridiculous amount of jasmine rice, then steamed broccoli, baked zucchini, shredded carrots, and made the most insane peanut tamarind ginger sesame oil dressing. it was legit the best sauce I've ever tasted... gah. I had two servings of dinner, then for dessert I had a few thick slices of damper cake from Sophies work. It was made with dried fruits, orange rind, and so sweet and dense. Then to end the night, we played a few rounds of a card game called shithead, which is such a hilarious and strategy minded game.

And now I'm full, content and watching YouTube videos on our universe and pondering deep thoughts about our existence and life... 🌿🔮. So grateful to have adventurous, inquisitive, supportive people in my life. And so grateful to be living the life I'm living today, just as a nomad floating from place to place, finding my bliss, finding my way, and finding myself.