Today, after my run, and making ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, I was laying in the sun, and just felt utter peace and happiness.

Then I also realized that before coming to Brisbane, I thought I was gonna hate it. People told me I would hate it, and I thought it would just be a city that I would fly into and pass by. But before I’d even realized it, I’d spent over a week here when I had only intended on staying a few days. And that is entirely because of the beautiful people I’ve connected with and been staying with here. In my opinion, the places you visit are not defined by the tourist attractions they hold, the restaurants they boast, or even the nature they posses. But rather by the people you meet. And man, the people I’ve met here in Brisbane have filled my heart with love, challenged my beliefs, and inspired my curiosity. 

Spent the day writing, creating, journalling, and with a beautiful friend. I'm just loving life and feeling so inspired to write and create lately. And I've realized how beautiful and metaphorical words are. I think the reason I love writing is because I love putting words to describe how countless people feel. I'm just obsessed with how powerful and profound words are. How they can evoke so much emotion, passion, and vision. How they can move mountains, inspire others, transform realities, paint pictures, and bring forth meaning. How in essence they are just a scramble of scribbles all jumbled together and yet they can bring to life another form of communication. How words are formed are so metaphorical to me. Take a bunch of insignificant letters, but arrange them in a certain pattern, a certain order, and a certain way, and all of a sudden you've created a meaningful construct. How beautiful is that? If I think on it long enough it gives me shivers.

Today I am grateful for words, and the power of language.