Friends who make you Neapolitan banana ice cream are the best types of friends, if you find some in life, hold onto the tight and don't ever let them go. Sophie is one of those friends, lucky me :D

Then after some grocery shopping we came back and both felt inspired to create and channel our creative energy, so we came onto her balcony, played some handpan music and both started to write/journal.

I spent the rest of the morning eating mangoes, cupcakes, and writing. Feeling so blissful and content.

Then in the arvo I met up with my friends Sophie and Kal for another climbing session. Man I swear, they are just changing my lives for the better, I wanna get so into climbing and slacklining now, I just absolutely love it! It was such a hard session, but now my arms are SO SORE. LIKE I CANT EVEN HOLD UP MY WATER BOTTLE :P

Then we came home and smashed down a rice noodle bowl with veggies! I also had a few thick slices of PB and J on sourdough to end the night! NOW TIME FOR AN EARLY NIGHT BEFORE HEADING TO GOLD COAST TOMORROW.  MAN WILL I MISS BRISBANE THOUGH. :(

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.42.58 PM.png