GOODBYE BRISBANE, HELLO GOLD COAST. To be honest, I'm quite sad to be leaving Brisbane, I just had the most wonderful time with the most wonderful people there, but alas it was time for me to venture on in my adventures. ahah. So me and Sophie drove down to Gold Coast this morning. And after getting slightly lost, we made it, and immediately went for a little walk along the beach. It was so calming and incredible to feel the soft warm sun on my toes, with the waves crashing around us, and the salty wind in the air blowing our hair in every which way. I felt alive and so dang free. As we walked, we saw our footprints in the sand, and reflected on how metaphorical it was. How our footprints left a legacy, but with time they would disappear, and yet our future was still pristine and untainted. So metaphorically, the past only exists in our memories, and our future is just an open book full of opportunities. Life is truly what you decide to make it, so make it a good one :)

Anyways... I digress.

So after our walk we met up with our beautiful friend Chloe to go to Mandala Organic Arts for a wonderful lunch feast. We had nachos, fries + aioli, rice paper rolls, coconut cream cake, chocolate fudge cake, and a vanilla lemon tart. FOOD BABY TO THE MAX.

Then I bid Sophie a tearful goodbye, but it won't be goodbye for long, that girl is way too awesome I'll deffs need to seek her out and have her in my life sooner or later again! haha. Then me and Chloe went to Tally Creek and sat in the sun chatting for HOURS. Literally about anything and everything, man that girl is just such a wonderful soul and I feel so lucky to have met her. I also have renewed faith in the world after meeting her and some of the other switched people my age that I've met recently. Maybe our world isn't going to shit....? ahahaha.

And to end the night, we met up with a Gold Coast local Sophie, who I'm staying with here on the Goldie for some Chinese food at Tian Ran. And now I'm just gonna call a friend, read a book, and SLEEP.