VERY LAZY MORNING. I've been exhausted lately so slept in until around 10 today... ahaha, then went exploring around burleigh heads with a friend.

Got lunch.

Went to a cafe and wrote for hours.

Met up with another beautiful soul.

Had a dinner picnic.

And now bed.

Hoping the sun comes back to play, this thunder and rain is making me appreciate the beautiful weather we had these last few weeks. Come back please, I promise I'll appreciate yo this time around.

Also, I just read a message that one of my friends in Brisbane wrote in a book she gave me. The message goes like this.

Dearest Steph,

I feel so very blessed to have met you, spoken with you, connected with you.

Enjoy your travels. And I know in some ways you’ve been feeling lost lately.

I don’t want you to feel like lost is a bad thing. It is not a state of darkness or at all a bad place to be.

Being lost means being open to everything. So Steph, follow your bliss. Enjoy the perfect breath of life.

This book is full of poetry, of moments of the little pleasures of life.

May it serve as a reminder whenever you need it most.

Her message honestly made me tear up. so thank you for that message. You know who you are. <3