One of the best days yet.

Today I got to meet two of the most incredible lovely people ever. They're names are cam and nina, and they are the creators behind the beautiful youtube channel "camandnina"

I've been wanting to meet them for ages, so today was a long time coming, and you know what, they are so much more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

You know when you spend time with people who are just such genuinely wholesome beautiful people that it just makes your heart so inexplicably happy? Yea that’s what today was, and that’s what Cam and Nina are. We had the most magical inspiring conversations today that left me feeling SO jazzed on life, and just so inspired to create creatively. I literally just met them today, but I already feel like we’re gonna be best friends...I hope they’re okay with that! We talked for close to 5 hours, and after getting acai bowls moved our convo to the beach. I swear it just made me so hopeful to be around such grounded kind people. Sometimes it can be disheartening to be living in our world where most people just go through life so disconnected from what truly matters. But being around them just renewed my faith in humanity, and made me feel so lucky to have found such gems of people in this world. Honestly, just writing and reflecting on today makes me smile and makes my heart strings twitch. I JUST LOVE CONNECTING WITH GENUINE BEAUTIFUL KIND PEOPLE. THERE'S NOTHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPIER.


OH, and these are the acai bowls we chowed down on while we talked about deep shit. And yes, that is a double layer of granola. And yes, the acai bowl was magical as well, but not as magical as our conversation

Then I went to Greenhouse Factory for the most epic dinner with some old and new friends from the GC. Khadi, who I met in Thailand came, and then also Sophie, the lovely gal I've been staying with here on the GC and her friend Ellie came as well! We had lasagna, sweet potato lentil mash, Enchiladas, Chickpea fries, Basil pesto flatbread, Lemon cheesecake, and Banoffee pie. Yup. I'm full. ALSO. We met the creators of one of my fav vegan apparel brands Soul shine there tonight! We just got talking and they ended up gifting us each one of their new sample shirts to try! I mean how insanely kind is that? AH. I love my shirt, it says "vegan vibes" on it. I can't wait to sport it around GC and AUS in general :D