Today I went to the beach, I swam, and I fell in love with the sea.

I’ve never felt particularly drawn towards the sea.

Never understood people’s affinity for the great blue beyond.

But now I understand.

I can see the joy in feeling the warm sand between your toes, and your hair crusty with salty memories.

I have felt the bliss of floating in the sun kissed waters of our earth.

I have played in the waves like a carefree child,

Watching the sunlight dance and reflect off the turquoise crystal clear expanse.

I have tasted the salty warmth on my tongue.

I have felt the power that is held within these majestic looming waves,

I’ve felt the sea pick me up and throw me back down as effortlessly as the wind picks up a leaf.

But I have felt like I was part of this world.

Floating in these waters has made me feel connected to this planet,

I’ve gotten to not just stand on top of its greatness, but rather be immersed in its wonder.

I have felt my time in the sea heal my wounds.

The salty waters cleansed my disillusioned ego driven mind and reminded me:

You are here by the grace of this planet. You are alive. You are blessed to be experiencing this moment in time. You are blessed.

After that magical time in the sea, me and Sophie were pretty darn hungry so off we went to the cardamom pod for lunch. We got koftas, eggplant lasagna, avo sweet potato salads, tempeh broccoli teriyaki, tofu sushi, and so much MORE.

Also, can we please talk about how amazing this sign is? it's pretty much my life's motto.

So after chilling in the arvo with some other friends, and writing a few poems. I met up with Sophie and another friend Kaja at cardamom pod AGAIN for dinner. I legit got a hectic peanut butter mud cake for dinner. Hows that for healthy?! lol but I'm just doing as the sign says :P

But the coolest thing was that about 10 minutes into our meal, a guy named Scott, and two other gals Summer and Nicole came over and asked us if we wanted to join their group! One of the girls had recognized me from my insta and therefore knew I was vegan! They had been having a little vegan pow wow dinner with about 5 other wonderful people, and so we joined their lively energetic conversation!

 We talked about a wide range of topics, but I was most intrigued by all the conversations concerning the oceans. After my experience today I have a new found love for the sea and the magical underwater alien world that it holds. I NEED TO GET MY DIVING CERTIFICATE SO I CAN GREATER APPRECIATE AND MARVEL AT THE BEAUTY OF THE UNDERWATER WORLD. Anyways, going to bed now before a big day in BYRON tomorrow! :D