It felt so incredible to be waking up in Brissy, in the home of my beautiful friends Sophie, Kal and Steph. I honestly felt like I had come home. I feel so comfortable and happy here I honestly just don't want to leave.

I had a super nice, slow morning to myself. They had all gone to work early, so I just had a late breakfast, did some meditation, and filmed a video. I loved having a nice morning routine again, and being able to spend some time just by myself. I love meeting new people and hanging out with lovely humans, but I've started to realize that I do need to make sure I give myself the time to just be by myself, and indulge my introverted side :D

Then after meeting up with some family friends for lunch, I walked along the river to where Sophie works at Sol Breads to pick her up from work and walk back with her! eheh.

On our walk back we just caught up again, and chatted about our plans for the future! Then right before we got home it started spitting rain, so we ran back to rescue the washing from getting soaked! But after awhile, the sun came out and it was so beautiful the way the light rays reflected off the rain drops and illuminated them!

Then dinner was some CUPCAKES LOL and some eggplant stir fry with soo much jasmine rice, and some walnut parmesan! YUMM. Had a few servings, then ended with a huge thick chunk of damper cake with nuttelex. Haven't had "butter" since going vegan, and on the warm cake it was just sensational.

And after dinner it was time for an evening fruit haul! We went to Charlies Fruit Market which is a well known produce establishment that all vegans in Brisbane go crazy for! There are tons of bulk deals and cool fruits as well as an amazing cafe with smoothies, banana ice cream, and raw treats. I had a bubble gum smoothie and mint choc cake. Then on the way home we passed some streets that were doing council pick up so we snagged a bar stool and table for free!!! What an epic evening.