Another beautiful day in Brissy. Went for a morning run, did some hill intervals, sweated bucket loads. Then came home, made some fresh OJ with Sophie, and ate lotsa peanut butter coconut, and banana toast!

And that was followed by a Skype session with my wonderful mother, who just wanted to know what city I was in, ahah poor thing, I have not been keeping her posted AT ALL. I'm honestly the worst with communication, all my friends back home know not to expect any texts or updates from me until I get home! haha. I just don't like to live on my phone, Id much rather live in the moment, and then catch up with friends and family in person over some vegan food when I get home! But that's just me :)

Then, me and Sophie made some cacao peanut butter, banana, toasties with fruit bread... OMG JUST THE SWEETEST SNACK EVER, and the perfect pre climbing fuel! And so after, we of course went CLIMBING. Man everytime I climb I become more and more addicted to it! It's such an incredible challenge, and I'm honestly not very proficient at it, which is WHY I love it, because I have so much room for growth and improvement! But I will say overtime I swing for a handhold and actually catch it, and keep a grip I surprise myself, so it's been great to test my strength and my belief in myself!

After climbing I made myself a huge bowl of sticky rice with tahini and coconut sugar. TRY IT. Basically it's just like a sweet sticky creamy mess of pure heavenly tastiness. And I ate it while doing some editing, and trying to find groovy music for my youtube vids! After a few hours of some chill time on my laptop it was time for Ethiopian food!

I went out for dinner with 3 gorgeous girls who I connected with through instagram! They were so hilarious and just good down to earth people, which was so refreshing to be around! But oh man, I am in love with ethiopian food... the enjera was literally like spongey sourdough, and all the sauce dishes were just drool worthy. My fav was the garlic, onion pumpkin one. YUM. And then after dinner, we may have gone to get chocolate vegan cheesecake... just may have! ahah.