What I did:

Went out for brunch.

Wrote in my journal.


Had life chats with Steph snuggled in my bed.

Made teriyaki rice bowls.

Ate copious amounts of bread and damper cake.

Had intriguing conversations about our human body with Kal and Sophie.

Deeper implications of today:

I AM TOO COMFORTABLE. Life is incredible here in Brissy, and I can easily see myself blinking, and having spent weeks here without even realizing it. I truly feel so at home and at ease here which is wonderful in a sense, and I'm so incredibly ridiculously grateful that I've been able to find that and experience that while on the road travelling away from home. But simultaneously, I know that this environment where I am comfortable is not indicative or promoting of change, self growth, or self betterment. I need to continue to push and challenge myself. I need to move on from this wonderful place. Although I don't really want to, I know that in order to grow and achieve the growth I set out to achieve, I must. So in saying that, I'm going to stop blogging, and get on top of trying to book some more flights! Next stop... SYDNEY POSSIBLY?!