Frustrating morning trying to find and book flights... one thing about being madly spontaneous with your trip is that you are entirely at the mercy of exorbitant airline prices. EEK. Well that's the price you pay for living fancy free day to day! ahah.

After that, I needed some toast to liven my spirits eheh, and having some peanut butter banana on fruit toast deffs made my spirits lift, so did talking to my beautiful friend Steph. (If you're reading this Steph, you have no idea how incredible you are, and how in awe I am of you. XX) Then I headed off to do some book shopping. I've wanted to read "Big Magic" ever since my friends Cam and Nina brought it onto my radar, but when I got to the bookshop is was THIRTY FLIPPING DOLLARS FOR A PAPER BACK. I mean, that's expensive right?! So instead I just sat in the store for a good 2 hours reading it hehe. I got through quite a chunk of it too, enough to make me realize how incredible it was, and enough to make me realize I needed my own copy so I could underline and highlight the crap out of it. So I'll deffs be on the lookout in every city I visit for a cheaper copy of it! Then after some lunch at Govindas I met my friend Sophie at work and we headed South of the city with Chloe to go STRAWBERRY PICKING. 

It was a pretty magical and delicious time, although I felt slightly sick after stuffing my face with strawberries at a voracious rate. But so worth it. Man eating freshly picked berries is just so much better than that watery crap you get at the grocery store. These strawberries actually had FLAVOUR, and each one tasted like the most incredible strawberry jam! And after the sun even came out to brighten our day further!

The evening that ensued after that delightful time in the strawberry fields was wonderful but left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. 

Great food, great company.

I feel… ah I can’t put words to it. I’ve just never really felt these feelings before, and they are so unbelievably confusing for my young 19 year old soul. They are feelings that paralyze me while simultaneously enlivening and exhilarating me. It makes me feel so incredibly alive yet also so empty… such a weird phenomenon for me to grapple with. But I'm not going to shy away from these feelings, I'm going to face them head on and just allow myself to sit in the uncomfortable silence of my thoughts.

These are the feelings, emotions, fears, and experiences that teach us the most about who we are, how our behavior patterns are wired, and what our flaws are so I'm loving everything that’s surfacing from this feeling.

I am so very grateful for all the people I’ve met along my path, all the times I’ve fallen on my journey, and all the paths which have led me astray for they have all taught me incredible lessons. This world is a great and wise teacher, the best in fact. And travelling in my opinion kicks the lessons into high gear and turbo charge.