Yesterday was simultaneously a great day, an uncomfortable day, and an educational day.

So we had a halloween potluck. It was all fun and games. Costumes. Insane food. Trivia games. And awesome people. So in that sense it was a great day.

The uncomfortable part came when I subsequently just completely binged out on so much shit junk food. Having junk in my opinion is totally fine, but when you eat 4 cupcakes, an entire bag of chips, and engulf oily hummus by the bucketload, it gets to the point where even though I was loving how tasty it was, my body was honestly hating me. I went to bed honestly in so much pain. My stomach felt so uncomfortable, I felt like food is coming up my throat, and I could and still can taste oil in my mouth. Honestly, I can't ever do this again. Not to this extreme at least, my body just can not handle it. Even though mentally I'm okay with it, I don't fear these foods what so ever, but man oh man physically I can NOT sustain this! ahah, its honestly just not healthy when it's to this extent. So that was the uncomfortable aspect of my day :)

And the educational part is this. I now feel like I have honestly swung to the opposite extreme that I once existed in. I was once in the super whole foods clean eating mindset, and now I've swung to the complete opposite where I have completely neglected any concept of physical health. I truly believe that mentally I'm at a place of freedom and abundance with no restrictions, and now I TRULY CRAVE fresh whole foods. Like legit guys... I woke up wanting fresh juicy oranges, and the thought of donuts made me wanna hurl... ahahah. Which is seriously AWESOME! I'm so thankful that I let myself experience what I did last night because now I have a new more informed perspective on how vital it is to incorporate balance and not to take anything to the extreme. So now that I've had my phase of junk food, I think I'm ready to centre back to mostly whole foods, but I mean fuck it if I'm gonna say no to eating out and desserts when I want it. I'm just going to go with how I feel and what I crave and NEVER limit myself and put restrictions up mentally. So honestly, if tomorrow I wake up and I want croissants for breakfast, I'm gonna fucking have croissants, but my guess is I'm gonna wake up craving a smoothie...

K now please excuse me while I continue burping oily burps and nursing my poor poor stomach! :P