TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DAY. So we hit the town and basically just explored the city today! had so much incredible vegan (junk) food, and I honestly felt so trendy. The whole vibe of melbourne is just so cultured and hip, I loved it. However I was missing the green that just surrounds Vancouver, but regardless, Melbourne is pretty darn rad.

But today, beyond all the amazing food and aspects of Melbourne, I'm more so just immensely thankful for the relationship I have with food now.

Day 4: so thankful that I'm at a place in my life where I can indulge on this INSANELY decadent chocolate vegan cake with nothing but joy! It's been absolutely so liberating and freeing to have stopped labelling myself or putting restrictions on my diet. I'm just having way too much fun with trying out all sorts of delicious vegan food with no guilt and no regrets! I'm truly so thankful that I'm able to have this attitude towards food and it's made my life so much less stressful and so much more ENJOYABLE 🙈 // I never realized how much of an impact rules and restrictions can have on ones life and ones quality of life. I know that I'm so much happier for having let go of all the labels and rules and I'm now just finding a balance between a healthy mindset and a healthy diet // what are you grateful for? #365daysofgratitude