Today, like everyday on this wonderful planet, was awesome. This life is truly what we want to make it, and I for one, want to make this life, a good one.

So I started the day when the sun began creeping into my room, and woke up excited to start the day and my adventure. I went for a quick run, ate some oats, and hit the town.

Well first, before getting to town... I got lost like 300000000 times. lol. MELBOURNE IS JUST WAY TOO BIG AND CONFUSING. The public transportation system here is too disorganized and complex for my tiny brain to handle. and plus I'm directionally challenged so that was unfortunate... ahaha.

So after a few hours of struggling, missing my stops, getting on wrong trains, getting on wrong trams, and after many conversations with strangers asking for help, I FINALLY ARRIVED IN NEWPORT WHERE MY FRIEND LILY WAS WAITING! Lily is one of the most beautiful individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting in my 19 years on this planet, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. She took me around the bay for an amazing walk, then made me the most spectacular vegan muesli. I died and went to heaven.

Then the stephgetslost saga continued, as I got back on the train to Richmond for some PANA CHOCOLATE! I met up with one of my followers there and we devoured a choc beet root cake, and a banana blueberry cake slice!

But the best part about Pana chocolate was the beautiful girl working there. She was ridiculously kind, and friendly. We chatted about my blog, and just about life for a bit, and she let me sample a piece of their mint chocolate, and right before I left, she gave me a lil goody bag as a gift. I mean what the heck, HOW SWEET IS THAT? I was seriously flabbergasted and so overwhelmed by that simple act of unnecessary kindness. 

Then, what do you know... I GET LOST AGAIN trying to find my way to my dinner destination on Brunswick street (aka vegan heaven).

After like 2 hours trying to navigate the tram system I finally make it to VEGIE BAR (again) and met up with another one of my followers! We feasted on burritos, roti wraps and salads and I have to say, IT WAS AMAZING. The corn chips that came with our burritos tasted like doritos. Yup.

OH and forgot to mention, I bought vegan sour gummy candy things and I'm currently chowing down on them and getting a mad sugar rush (right before bed... oops). I feel like a child sneaking halloween candy before bed time ahahah.

So anyways, as you can see, I spent basically half of my day lost, or in the process of getting lost, but regardless it was a beautiful day. We make this life what we want it to be based on what we fixate on. I could focus on everyone who honked at me, shouted at me, pushed me in the streets, made rude comments at me, and annoyed me. Or I could remember the beautiful people I met, the kind strangers who helped me out while I was lost, the people who smiled at me and said g'day m8, and the people who brought me joy. Life can truly be what you make it. What you appreciate, appreciates. So appreciate the good, appreciate the kind, and appreciate the beautiful. and remember...