Today was exhilarating.

It started with me finally meeting one of my fav (fellow asian) vegan instagrammer's Jenny! We'd been following each others and talking over social media for ages, but we finally met in person today! But honestly it felt like I'd known her for ages. We walked around the Queen Vic Markets, bought some fruit, and bought these spicy potato panini sandwiches... WAY TOO YUMMY OH MAN. Then we went back to her place and just talked for ages while eating. We talked about everything from our childhood to our dreams. 

I also tried an australian mango AND OMG IT BLEW MY MIND, SO SWEET, SO TASTY, SO AMAZING.

After that, we hit hosier lane to take some rad photos with some rad graffiti. I'm obsessed with all the graffiti in the city, I find it so real and so beautiful! And of course after all the picture taking we decided we were hungry so we set off to brunswick street for some munching.

Then we met up with Elle, Callum, and Candice for some dinner at Yong Green Food. We got so much insane food but my fav was the green curry and pho, BUT EVEN BETTER THAN THAT WERE THE DESSERTS. THE TIRAMISU WAS JUST OH MY GOD. THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF TASTING AH.

But however incredible the food was, that wasn't what made this night special. It was the people and the conversations we had. We talked about everything from consciousness, to the infinite capability we have for love, to the beliefs we have on health. It was an incredibly charged conversation that left me excited, happy, inspired, and tongue tied. and THAT, THAT right there is what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for those moments in life where you just feel so jazzed and on fire. I'm grateful for those moments that leave you speechless and tongue tied. I'm just oh so grateful for real conversations with real people that revolve around more than just gossip and judging others. I'm grateful for high vibrational accepting people. What are you grateful for?