I'm just in love with today. it was the greatest.

It started off with someone asking ME for directions on the train and I was actually able to answer it  (I was so proud and felt like a local). Then me and @deficientvegan had the tastiest acai bowl with raw donuts, mango passion fruit cheezecake, AND THE BEST DAM SALTED CARAMEL SLICE EVER. Like can I just live at Combi please?! PLUS 4 people came up to me that recognized me from my insta there and it seriously just made my day meeting them and giving them a hug! Then after some exploring we went to the dinner meet up I hosted and SO MANY PPL ACTUALLY CAME! Ah it was just such an incredible night of heartfelt conversations, belly aching laughter, and new friendships! Plus I ate like so much yummy food... Curry, pad Thai, dumplings, sticky date pudding, soy ice cream, blueberry cheesecake, and a mint choc cake.... I blogged my whole day so get ready for some fun and yummy footage in a few days

And tonight I had this moment where I looked around me, at all the beautiful people, and all the love I felt and I just thought, I wouldn't be here at this dinner in this city, on this continent right now if it weren't for this account. I am so ridiculously grateful to everything and everyone this Instagram account has brought me. Truly truly so grateful .

on my way home, there was the most talented singer performing for change outside of the train station, singing Ed Sheeran. I stopped and sat there with my eyes closed and listened to his beautiful voice drift in and out of my awareness, and I began to think about my life and how truly blessed I am to have met the people I have in my life, to have had the experiences I've lived in my life, to have made the mistakes I've made in my life, to have had the childhood that I had, and to be living the life that I am living right now.


I CAN'T BELIEVE IM LEAVING THIS INCREDIBLE CITY FULL OF INCREDIBLE PEOPLE AND FOOD TOMORROW WAH. but I know that much more awaits me, and I can't wait to get up north to some sun and beaches tomorrow! I'm headed to sunshine coast, then gonna work my way down south over this next month! WOOT can not wait for more adventures! XX