What an impactful day. It started with a hike up Mount Coolum, then we came home and ate some pretty epic berry banana ice cream with tons of toppings like coconut shreds, figs, dates, mangoes, berries and coconut sugar. 

After some fruity feasting we headed out to Maleny to see the beautiful view from the drive, and also to visit a waterfall. But the best part occurred on the drive home from the falls. We saw some cows on a field by the side of the road so we decided to pull over and go see them. When we all went over to the fence, the cows all got interested and started to crowd around us. And before we knew it, all 20 cows were within 2 meters of us just watching us. They are such curious, beautiful, sensitive, majestic beings and seeing them up close really just changed my perspective entirely. I had been holding my hand out to them for ages but they were too shy and nervous to come up to me. And so I just for some reason started singing to them, and after about a minute, one copper beautiful cow came over to me and let me touch her nose. It seriously touched me and humbled me that she trusted me enough to do so, and I felt so connected with her. I could not even imagine ever harming such a gentle, feeling, beautiful being. I truly hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience what I did today, because I genuinely don't think people would eat these animals if they did. I'm so thankful for this experience because it definitely changed my whole outlook on animals, and my passion for being a voice for these innocent voiceless animals.

Then after buzzing with good vibes from that encounter, we came home and made the most incredible thai green curry. We made a coconut curry sauce, and added it to some boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, and cilantro. Then in addition to that, we made a oil free stir fry of peppers, mushrooms, corn, and kale. All of that with some brown rice and lime juice was just oh so delicious! OH and I forgot to mention, we also passed by a health food store on our way home and got a pack of vegan choc chip cookies.. suffice it to say that the entire packet is now gone. hehe. And now it's 9 pm, and I'm hitting bed for the first time before 12 this entire trip! HOLAAAAA. YAY for early nights! :D