GUESS WHAT EVERYONE? I BOUGHT A BIKE. AH. It's perfect, it has a shimano 105 groupset, it's 11 speed, and it's all black and looks like a bat mobile. eheh. It's a Canondale Synapse 2015, and it's sexy as fuck.

Then I met up with the wonderful Cherie in the city for some sparkling pear juice and snacks! You know when sometimes you're just so on the same page as someone that you just start saying the same thing... yea well that kept happening with us and it was just hilarious! She's such a lovely unique young lady. 

Then me and Chloe went to the beach and HAD A LOVELY TIME DOING NOTHING. Well that's not true, we napped, we swam (or splashed around in the water if you're me), we read, we chatted, and we just lived our lives. How lovely. How peaceful. How wonderful.

And to end this simply wonderful day, I was delighted to Chloe's homemade Chilli with bucket loads of rice. Had so many helpings, then had some toast with hazelnut almond butter with bananas for dessert. YUM YUM.