Woke up today in Auckland, to a lovely sunny day, but also to a ragingly sore throat. It was honestly so painful to swallow anything besides tea. But after having some warm soothing oats, it did feel a tad better. 

Then after a slow start, the boys went to the bike shop to pick up the missing piece for my bike, so after finishing assembling my bike. We rode into the city. We rode along the coast, and it was just such a lovely flat, relaxing ride. MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD TO BE BACK ON THE BIKE. I HAVEN'T RIDDEN IN AGES AND IT WAS JUST INCREDIBLE TO FEEL THE SUN ON MY BACK AND THE WIND IN MY HAIR. Walking and running are both wonderful activities but man, you can just SEE so much more on a bike!

Then when we got into the city, we explored a bit, found a bakery to buy bread, and then just lay in the sun soaking up the vitamin D. Then after a few hours in the city, we rode back along the coast to our place. And immediately after riding, we STRETCHED cuz we're responsible like dat eheh. Here's Biggi trying to do the splits... LOL. 

We then walked to the grocery store to pick up some necessities, necessities meaning two pints of soy ice cream, some fruits, and sweet potatoes. And after cooking dinner we sat down to watch Harry Potter together :)

So for dinner I had a very peculiar combo... I had sweet potatoes with some lettuce, then decided to add in Nutrigrain cereal, soy milk, and toast. I know... weird eh?

And as for dessert... well lets just say that both pints are now gone... we just went to town on the soy ice cream.