TODAY WAS HECTIC. So I had a slow morning packing and saying my goodbyes to Simon and Chloe aka SICLO <3. I am seriously going to miss being around their contagious positivity, and hearing their loving remarks towards each other. Makes me appreciate true love, and want that for myself as well. Then Bonny and Tim picked me up and brought me to the airport! I said my tearful goodbyes, gave Tim the book that I've been devouring here in Sydney (The Name of the Wind), and gave Bonny some mint oil (my signature scent) and the happiness shirt i designed as a thank you to them for everything they've done for me this trip. 

And after that goodbye, the day got progressively more hectic. So I Legit almost missed my flight. I didn't realize u needed a return ticket to enter NZ without a visa (rookie mistake). So I had to book a flight on my phone, but my credit card wasn't working cuz my limit was over. So I had to transfer funds. Book ticket. Then check in properly. BUT Then my baggage was over. Paid for that. Ran and dropped my bike off at oversized baggage. Went through border control but didn't get one of those fill out slips. Went back filled one out. Got back in line. Got into the slowest line for baggage check. Ran to my gate as it was final call. I FUCKING HEARD MY NAME ON THE AIRPORT SPEAKERS. Part of me was just laughing at myself, and the other part was freaking the FUCK out. I Was peeing my pants, sprinting to the gate in my flip flops and bags which were flying all over the place. Omg. I can't even. BUT I MADE IT IN THE KNICK OF TIME. And that'll teach me to not look into visa policies on my future travels 😂 lol I'm an idiot. WAT A WAY TO START THE DAY. Then I spent the rest of the flight eating my loaf of sourdough, and napping.

And now, I'm settled in the Air BNB place me and my friend Biggie and Griff are staying at while in Auckland! We've had dinner, talked heaps, assembled my bike (sort of) except for the front tire since the front spring is somehow missing. And now I'm going to bed exhausted, but excited for my NEW ZEALAND ADVENTURES.