Woke up in time to catch the sunrise, but holy shit its flipping freezing in NZ! So after putting on 300000 layers, we all made some apple oats and got some food in our belly before our long ride today. Me, Griff, and Biggi met up with two of our friends who we met in Thailand that are from AUCKLAND Sham and Shukul for a ride into the Waitakere Ranges! 

As we were riding in the crisp morning air, we chatted, we pushed ourselves, and we just enjoyed each others company. After riding about 20 km to the ranges, there were about 20 kms of rolling hills in the ranges. It was just such a beautiful ride too, there were so many points along the climb where the view just opened up and you could see all of the island and ocean. Just stunning. Then by the time we got back to our area, the boys were hungry so we stopped at Pita Pit for a lunch stop, then Griff went to the bike shop to get his bike serviced while me and Biggi rode back, but realized we were locked out and that Griff had the key, so we just stretched and chatted until he came back! Then I realized that I had ridden 95.5 km today and was SO CLOSE to a 100 km ride, so I just went back out on the bike for like another 15 mins and got to over 100 kms! WOOT! I must say, todays ride was incredible, but a little bit difficult to do with a cold, a runny nose, and a sore throat. But I mean, it was still so so fun! hehe. 

Then by the time, I got back, showered, ate, did the laundry, and changed it was pretty much time for dinner! Us three just chilled and watched some videos in Biggi's room while we waited for Shukul to come pick us up for dinner. And by the time he did we were RAVENOUS AND READY FOR SOME VEGAN BURGERZ. We went to Blue Bird Cafe, and man it was so dang delicious, probably the BEST vegan burger I've ever had. I got nachos, an African rice bowl, a burger, and a muesli cream cookie for dessert. eheh. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I was reunited with the beloved Jonnie and Michelle tonight! I haven't seen them since Thailand and OMG IT WAS JUST SO WONDERFUL TO SEE THEIR LOVELY FACES AGAIN, AND TO FEEL THEIR EMBRACES. 

Then after we got back, Griff (had a lapse in judgement) and left his key in Shukul's car, so while we waited for them to drop it off, we star gazed and I SAW MY FIRST SHOOTING STAR. It was magical. And now I'm eating muesli with soy milk while the boys plan our day tomorrow. We're leaving Auckland for Paihia!