I had the most amazing sleep of my life. Basically I just passed the fuck out and had the deepest slumber I've had in ages. I guess I was way more exhausted from yesterday than I had thought, because I woke up 9 hours later so incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. So after waking up, I realized the boys had already left for the car rental place, so I just cleaned up our air bnb place, packed, and drank some tea while waiting for them to return. Once they did get back, we packed up our rental 4 by 4 and hit the road for Paihia. BUT first, we had to go to the market to hit up the vegan deli stall for some lunch.

So this deli was fucking INSANE. Like just so much delicious goodness I couldn't even handle it. The owner Elara was so sweet, and we chatted with her heaps about her business, her story, and her FOOD. We got "egg" salad rolls, so many different quiches, a slice of, she called it, hummingbird cake (which was this banana pineapple sponge cake with the thickest layer of coconut frosting), and some "meatballs" in pasta sauce for our dinner tonight. The egg salad roll was so hectic. It tasted so damn realistic, the taste and texture were so genuine but it just didn't stink! So after some tasty vegan deli food, we hit the road!

I love long car rides, I'm not sure what it is about them but man they just make me feel so content with life. Having tunes playing, hearing the dull murmur of conversation, looking out the window and seeing the beautiful scenery pass by, and just getting lost in your thoughts. It's just pure bliss for me. 


Then 4 hours later, we were in Paihia! Paihia its such a cute little town by the water, and it is absolutely stunning. We walked around the water for a bit, then tried to find accomodation. We eventually settled on a camping ground and got ourselves a tiny but functional room with two beds. And after getting ourselves sorted, we decided to go for a quick little ride to explore the town a bit. And on our way back we saw a group of cows so of course we had to stop. I think we spent about 15 mins there at least, just talking to them, trying to feed them grass, and just watching them. I remember it really stood out to me how long they chewed their food for. They would take one mouthful of grass and chew it for minutes and minutes on end. I mean I guess that's why they basically eat all day, ahah. But as well, they just strike me as such gentle, curious, and beautiful creatures. But they were also all so scared and suspicious of us, which really upsets me. But then again, maybe it was because we just looked strange with our helmets, lycra, and bikes.

So after our little exploration ride we made pasta with "meatballs" which was seriously to die for. They were jam packed with so much flavour, but also so moist and filling. EEEP thoroughly enjoying all the food new zealand has to offer. And now after a long day of sitting in the car, we're off to bed. :D