Today was waking to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof.

It was getting into bed with my mates and just curling under the blankets with hot water.

It was more NUTRIGRAIN cereal.

It was listening to jack Johnson in the back of the car. Dozing off listening to the comforting drum of conversation between the guys. 

It was closing my eyes and feeling a smile creep up on my face uncontrollably.

It was chilling with @fruit4jam and singing duets with @biggi.

It was belting out tunes from the lion king, Aladdin, Aerosmith, U2 and Justin beiber.

It was watching lord of the rings.

It was junk food adventures. Finishing 2 litres of vegan ice cream, front loops, mint chocolate bars, and vanilla pudding. And honestly not feeling sick at all and just loving every bite and second of it. Just loving being free with food and enjoying my life.

It was just loving this Adventure of life.

It was not doing anything or thinking about anything significant.

It was wonder. It was happiness. It was groovy. It was lovely.