Day fourty-eight was incredible.

So today we woke up early, and drove out to the Waitakere ranges to do a cycle. But it was so fucking cold in the morning and so so windy, I was literally so tempted to just stay in the car and sleep... but alas, I decided to push through and OF COURSE LIKE ALWAYS IM GLAD I DID. We rode to Piha black sand beaches, rode back, then rode to some more beaches down south. All together it was over 75 kms of rolling hills, with 1500 m elevation. After 5 hours of riding, everything hurt. Legit, my whole body was in pain. my legs were burning, my lungs were screaming, my back was sore, my neck ached, my arms felt like lead, BUT I FUCKING LOVED IT. It was such an amazing kind of wonderful pain. I think that to a certain extent, athletes are all a little wonky, we all love to put ourselves in pain intentionally haha. But it's just such a productive pain, that makes me feel so alive.

Along the ride, we talked about everything and nothing, we joked, we biked in silence, we biked while singing. Griff gave me cycling tips, Biggi kept us from bickering like siblings LOL, AND WE ENCOUNTERED SOME GORGEOUS HORSES. Then after our ride, we drove back down to Piha to climb the Lions rock. But by the time we got back to the car it was already 2, and we still hadn't really eaten lunch. All we'd had was our breakfast, and we each had about 5 bananas and a muesli bar on the ride, but we had been pushing ourselves pretty hard so we were pretty flipping hungry. But we still had to return our rental car at the airport, cycle home, eat, shower, and then head to the Auckland dinner Meetup I had organized the night before (so last minute haha). But we managed, and after an hour long cycle home from the airport on our dead exhausted legs, we devoured cereal, some rice, vanilla pudding, and some mint chocolate. And then off we went to the dinner meetup at Blue Bird. 

It was so so so fun. About 18 people showed up which is an AMAZING turn out, and they were all such lovely lovely girls! Everyone got on super well, there was lots of laughter, lots of cheer, and it made me so happy to see them connecting and getting along. These meetups are always so fun to organize, it's just like having dinner with lots of friends, and I definitely need to do more in the future!