I woke up feeling so flipping exhausted, so I just slept in until 9. I used to ignore my body's need to rest, and just keep pushing myself despite my body screaming out for rest, but now I've definitely learnt the importance of listening to it. So after my sleep in I then got up and started packing.

Around 10 we left Auckland to meet Johnny and Michelle for a waterfall hike down south. So after driving for about an hour, we met up with them for the most beautiful lush jungle walk. It was wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating to be immersed in nature, with such beautiful company. After the walk, we parted ways and us 3 headed down to Tauranga. We got there around dinner time, and after settling on a campsite, we went to feast on thai food, and ended up picking up some hokey pokey ice cream with tons of Vanilla Almond granola for dessert. 

Another beautiful day living and learning on this incredible planet we call home.