We all slept in today till past 9. I think these last few days of moving around constantly has just worn us down. So we had a slow start, then packed up and started our drive to Rotorua. Once there we started out on a ride, but soon enough it started DOWNPOURING! So after hiding away in a little hut and snacking on muesli bars and bananas, we decided to turn back after about ten minutes of waiting for the rain to pass. The ride back was short, intense, wet, freezing but so incredible. But because of the rain, we decided to just pack up and drive out to Taupo. But on the way we stopped at the Redwood Forest for a short little walk in the woods. It was beautiful. Then on our way to Taupo we stopped off at this AMAZING PLACE called the Kerosene springs. They were the these natural hot springs that you could swim and relax in, and it was the perfect remedy to shake the chill from our bones. We stayed in the hot springs for a good hour just lounging in the steaming water.

Then we got back on the road to Taupo, and after another hour of singing out hearts our to Pearl Jam, Queen, Michael Buble and more, we arrived at Taupo, found a campground to stay in, got Thai food (which served unlimited rice... WIN), had bowls of cereal and granola for dessert, and watched The Lion King.

Today was a cold, miserable, windy, wet day in New Zealand, but despite that, I had to keep reminding myself that just the pure fact that I was in New Zealand was insane. Yes it was a dreadful day, but there is much to be grateful for, like the natural hot springs we found on the way to Lake Taupo, like the fact that I'm travelling, like the fact that I have been blessed with these two lovely travelling companions, like the fact that I'm alive and healthy. YAY LIFE.