We had another lazy slow morning today, and after an hour of so, we set out for the Huka Falls which was just about 5 km's away. They were absolutely stunning, and overwhelming in the strength that they held. The colour of the water was the most PIERCING, clear, light turquoise blue and it just took my breath away.

We had planned on doing a ride after that, but the weather turned on us pretty rapidly, so instead we came back, hopped in our car and drove to town to visit some bike shops and do some grocery shopping. I bought some gloves and socks, as well as some awesome finds from the Asian grocer. I got some dried bananas, as well as these cool crunchy lentil syrup bars. They reminded me of a peanut brittle except less nutty and more... lentil-y ahah. Then after that we met up with Johnny and Michelle for lunch! They had come down from auckland to lake Taupo for the week, so we spent the day with them just chatting, relaxing, and having a freaking fabulous time. :) Then after we parted with J & M, we came back, cleaned our bikes, degreased their chains, lubed them back up, then headed back into town for THAI FOOD. And now after two rounds of cereal dessert, it's time for more lord of the rings...

This trip has really taught me a lot of vital yet subtle lessons. Mainly just: not being so stuck in having your way, be okay with improvising and changing your plans on a whim. Sometimes you will have days on end where you sit in a car, and sometimes you'll have days where you ride 50 km a day, but regardless be okay with either. Some days it will just piss down unrelentlessly and you'll be stuck inside, that's alright. And being positive and staying optimistic is much more of a challenge on those days, which is why I'm embracing it.