This is how I want to feel at the end of every day, just utterly exhausted. I want to feel like I lived my life to the fullest, I want to feel like I lived so much that I have no more energy left to live. I want to live the hell out of this life. And that's exactly how I feel tonight after spending today with my 4 pals climbing a mountain. Like I'm honestly falling asleep while typing this, and my eyelids feel heavy as lead, but man it's an amazing tired, the type of tired that comes from a long day hiking and exploring.

So we began our day at 6, drove to the Tongariro alpine crossing, and by 8 we were starting the full day 8 hour hike. It was a hike that took us into the heart of the volcano & to the peak of Mount Ngauruhoe also known as MOUNT DOOM FROM LORD OF THE RINGS.

climbing up that mountain was one of the most frightening intense things I've ever done, the rocks were all crazy loose and I kept loosing my footing. With every step I took, my feet would slide down a few inches and each time it made my heart jump. After about halfway up, we were full on climbing on all fours. I was using my hands to pull me up and keep my footing, it was so insane, and by the time we reached the top the wind was just HOWLING. It ripped right through my jacket to my bones & the roaring in my ears just drowned out any other sound.

 But as insane as climbing up was, climbing down was even crazier. I basically just slid down the side of the mountain on my butt. All the rocks were so loose & every step we took sent rocks tumbling down, I would watch the rocks and think that could be me. ahah but we all made it down safe and sound. Then we continued on the path to the volcano hike.

Passed by 3 magically vibrant emerald lakes, walked across the side of the mountain ranges, ran down the trail, trekked through a magical rainforest, and then after 8 hours of exhausting but INCREDIBLE hiking, we made it back to the car park.

Then I took a much needed shower. It was lovely. Its amazing how incredible it feels to wash dirt and grime off of you under steaming hot water after a long day. Then off we went to Johnny and michelles place for another dinner feast. Rice, kumara, bread, asian veggie stir fry, sweet chilli sauce, hummus, and ice cream with ginger beer for dessert. I just stuffed my face, and now I'm definitely zoned out.

I think that after the 8 hour ride from yesterday, today just pushed my body over the edge. My muscles aren't even really sore, it's just my entire body and being is drained. My face feels tight from all the sun and wind, and my brain can barely formulate a coherent thought, but man does it feel good to have lived. But I'll definitely take life a little less intensely tomorrow and focus on eating and napping :D