I just cant even get over today, I'm still smiling like an idiot from all the good vibes. So we spent the day on our bikes cycling around Lake Taupo, we cycled over 160 km with 1800 m of climbing.

It's insane how simple today was, it was just me on my bike for 8 hours, with 3 of my best friends, we didn't do anything complex or involved, we didn't spend heaps of money, we just rode our bikes, and man was it amazing. The ride was just so epic in so many ways but it was also one of the most difficult things I've done in ages. Besides just cycling through 160 kms of rolling hills which killed my legs, we also had a CRAZY strong head wind and cross wind. There were a few moments on the ride where I felt like the wind would just pick me up and throw me down into the ground. I was leaning my whole body against the wind to stay upright on my bike against the cross wind. Also the weather was just so cold and rainy for the first 50 kms, and the drivers were not a fan of sharing the road with us. They would beep, and rush by us so close that I thought they would hit us and knock us off our bikes. And honestly... EVERYTHING HURT AFTER ABOUT 70 KMS. My legs, lungs, ass, hands, neck and everything else in between were killing me, I could feel sweat trickling down between my boobs, down my neck, into my eyes, mouth and ah just everywhere... My neck was so sore that I could barely hold my head up, and by the end of the ride I felt like I was going to throw up. I ate so many dates, and dried apricots on the ride that I honestly never want to eat them ever again... the thought just makes me wanna chundy... lol.

BUT as painful as it was, I LOVED EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF IT. I felt so alive, and I was just so unbelievably inexplicably unforgettably happy. The entire ride we were surrounded by the most surreal rolling green hills, hundreds of sheep and cows, and a breathtaking view of the Lake. Like honestly, the lake was the deepest most stunning blue I've ever seen.

And I was just overwhelmed with so much gratitude for my beautiful friends who I was riding with. They were just looking out for me the entire 8 hours. They kept giving me handfuls of dates, bananas, reminding me to drink water, looking back and checking on me when I was lagging behind. But mostly they would all take turns riding in front of me, or besides me to block the wind so that I could draft off of them. It made SUCH a difference, and it just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy when I think about all their care and love. So after the ride, I was so fucked, and just EXHAUSTED, but I was also filled with so much fulfillment. So much gratitude. And so much bliss.

Anyways, after we got back home, we went to the countdown, picked up 4 pints of ice cream, 2 packs of ginger beer, bread and hummus and headed to Johnny and Michelle's place for dinner.

BUT FIRST, we soaked our sore muscles in their geothermal pool while chugging down some ginger beer. It was seriously the most amazing feeling to soak in the burning water and just zone out to the music and murmur of comfortable conversation.

Then after we began overheating...WE FEASTED. I had 3 plates full of peanut satay soba noodles, rice, hummous, bread, and a homemade chocolate cake that the incredibly talented masterchef Michelle made. We devoured it with soy ice cream... I had 3 slices... and I think I finished a litre of soy ice cream drowned in chocolate icing on my own... Well that's the aftermath of what happens after you ride for 8 hours I suppose haha.

MAN TODAY WAS JUST PERFECTION. And it ended with good food, good company, and many many good vibes.