Woke up at 6 this morning and went for a quick jog before our long car drive to the East Coast to Napier. Napier is the cutest little beach town, and the weather is just so beautiful here. For the first time in New Zealand, I've been hot. We're gonna spend a few days just relaxin here in the sun. So after we got here, we explored the town, bought bread, and found a campsite to stay in. Then in the afternoon, we found a piano in the city Center for people to play, and my friend Griff played the most beautiful music for us.

It makes me miss music. I played piano for about 7 years as a kid before I quit, but back then I played because I had to and not because I wanted to create music and magic. It was an obligation and a chore, and that stripped all the desire and passion from my practice. BUT NOW I FEEL COMPELLED TO PLAY AGAIN. WHEN I GET HOME I DEFINITELY WANT TO RELEARN. Anyways, after listening to him play piano, we went and explored this cute health food store in Napier, where we bought some olive rosemary bread, hummus, and ginger cookies. Then we went to a Filipino restaurant where we bought rice, and sesame bok choi. When we went back to our place, we feasted outside in the sun on all our goodies. Then we watched lord of the rings while having our dessert of cereal, soy milk, and cookies. Oh, also I found out today that in the UK, people refer to all desserts as "pudding." Weird eh? :P