Today was supposed to be our chill day. Yea... woops, we ended up cycling about 80 kms today. ahhaah. I mean the day started chill enough. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather, almost 30 degrees, clear skies, and a burning hot sun. So when I woke up, me and Biggi went for a slow jog along the beach, then we rode into town to nap on the beach. After about an hour of just lazing on the beach, we went back to find the piano. Then something magical happened. I decided to have Griff teach me the beautiful piano piece from Amelie that he had been practicing. He taught me half of the right hand and OMG, I have missed music so much. I almost teared up it made me so happy. Now I'm just so obsessed, all I want to do is make music, and learn how to play songs. Tomorrow we're gonna go back into town and he's going to teach me the rest of the right hand, then the beginning of the left! EEK can't wait! Then after we had some lunch, we met up with Griff's friend from Uni, who also happened to be in New Zealand. He's also a cyclist and said he'd show us around Hastings for a little exploratory ride. I was expecting like a 40 km ride. Nope, it turned into about 80 kms with a few climbs as well. And I was dead beat after the 4 hour ride, but man oh man, it was just incredible. We cycled up this one climb called the Te Mata Peak in Hastings, and holy fuck, it was some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen.

The first half was a beautiful road with trees that created an archway over us, and the sun was peaking through all the leaves and it created such incredible shadows. Plus it was nice and cool under the trees. But the last half of the climb was just epic, the view opened up and all we could see for ages were just rolling hills. I was seriously losing my balance because I kept getting distracted by the endless neverending perfectly smooth green lush hills.

AH. I definitely need to come back to this little nook of New Zealand. It's just bliss. So by the time we got home, I was sweaty, ravenous, and it was about 6:30. So without changing out of our cycling kits, we all hopped into the car to buy dinner provisions. Then feasted on two jumbo packs of hummus, 2 packs of BBQ rice crackers, piles of white rice with sweet chilli sauce and broccoli, toasted sesame bread with peanut butter and jam, and coco pops with soy milk and bananas... It's safe to say that I now look 8 months pregnant. But man what a seriously surreal, stupendous, spectacular day. But legit, tomorrow I'm actually going to have a chill day... and just eat, play piano, and nap in the sun. hehe, can't wait.