Went for an easy 100 km ride today. There was a time in my life, where I would never spoken or written those words, unless they were utterly laced with heavy sarcasm, but today I actually mean it. The route was more or less flat, not too many long or steep climbs, so it was totally manageable. We left around 9 and got back before 3. It was a slow easy pace, we had lots of bananas and dates for fuel, and by the end, I honestly felt totally okay. My legs weren't sore, I had heaps of energy still, and it was just a lovely relaxing way to spend our day seeing the greater Wellington region. We rode along both the Akatarawa Forest, and the Kaitoke Regional Park, and it was just a gorgeous ride filled with incredibly scenic panoramic views in every direction.

So after we got back and had some more food, we decided to go to the Queen Elizabeth park, and walk along the beach front there. It was so relaxing, to just spend an hour, with no agenda besides walking on the smooth hot soft sand, collecting shells, enjoying each other's company, and just living and loving the simplicity of life.

Then we came home, made more thai food, ate the largest loaf of bread I've ever seen with peanut butter and orange marmalade, and rice crackers with pumpkin hummus. Oh I also had a large bowl of cereal because well... cereal is life. We also watched Whiplash which was a pretty epic movie, but now Its almost 10, and I just spent two hours writing, and my mind is dead beat tired. Time for bed. GOOD NIGHT.