Today we woke up around 6, so we could drive an hour down to do a hike called the Whakanui Trail. We decided to do so on a whim last night, but clearly we weren't really prepared or aware of what we were getting ourselves into. It was a 17 km loop that we ended up doing, and it was classified as an Advanced Tramping Trail, which is the type of trail that you need proper hiking boots and gear in... we did it in our sneakers with nothing but peanut butter jam sandwiches and water in our bags haha.

To be fair, we did power through it, what was meant to be an 8 hour hike, we managed to finish in 5. But man it was tough, and a tad scary. The first half was just all uphill, and man did it burn my calfs, but besides that, the entire trail was just riddled with pools of mud, and gnarly roots that threaten to trip you. I fell countless times, and by the end of the hike my shoes looks WRECKED, but I love it, they look like they've been through adventures, which they most definitely have.


But despite all of the hardships, it was definitely one of the coolest hikes I've ever done. The entire hike was very "Lord of the Rings" like and very Elfish. The mossy trees, gorgeous canopy with sun poking through, intertwined roots, swinging vines, and lush green vegetation just made the most eery and mystical atmosphere. Just divine.

So after our day hike, it was still only 1, so we decided to head into the city and explore wellington before we met Johnny and Michelle for dinner at our place. After wandering around trying to find cheap parking, which we failed at, we finally parked, walked around the harbour, and were in the midst of exploring Cuba Street when... WE RAN INTO JOHNNY AND MICHELLE. It was just fate. So after hanging out with them for a bit, eating sushi, and just chattin, we parted ways again so that they could settle into their place in the city, and decided to meet at our place for dinner. After that, we explored some more, and I bought a book I've been searching for, for awhile now... THE WISE MAN'S FEAR. MAN IM SO EXCITED TO GET IMMERSED IN IT. AH I LOVE FANTASY NOVELS HAH. After that purchase, we left the city and drove to our local Countdown to pick up provisions for dinner. And who do we run into... JOHNNY AND MICHELLE AGAIN. haahah. So we just all drove back, and feasted on the green curry and jasmine rice I made. As well as snacking on some bread and hummus. Then for dessert we had these epic ice cream sundaes with peanut butter brownie cookies, and lemon cream biscuits. I had countless cookies, and two huge bowls of ice cream. I kept making these sandwiches with the ice cream and cookies. And now I'm in a sugar coma. But as dirty and delicious as all the food was, the greatest part about the evening was just spending it with 4 of my favorite people in the world. It was magical. And now I'm going to bed stuffed, and happy. Oh but first I'm gonna read my book, ehhe.