Today has got to be one of the greatest days.

First of all, I met the insanely vivacious and incredible Samara from @fithealthyproject. I honestly felt like we were long lost soul sisters... We just talked non stop about life, the cosmos, souls, our stories, and everything in between. I have a serious love for this genuinely kind and beautiful lady. I couldn't believe how similar our stories and our backgrounds are. This lovely gal has been through so much in her 20 years on this planet, and because of that she's matured so much more rapidly than most people her age. I think that's why we connected so much, most of the time, I can NOT relate on a substantial level with people around my age but she's definitely one of the exceptions! I feel like our souls are at similar places in their evolution and journey towards truth, and maybe that's super woo woo out there of me to say, but I truly feel that way. After we parted she sent me this text and I just want to share it with you all because it was so profound to me, and resonated so deeply with me.

"ALSO all the way home I was contemplating the meaning of life and I came up with this concept - what if life needs to be experienced in stages, whether that takes reincarnating to continue into the next stage or not differs from person to person, and like the first stage is establishing a sense of self worth and value, then after that's accomplished, then we have the power and capability to change the world for the better - but this can only be achieved once we realize the necessity and amazingness of ourselves first and foremost"

Secondly, I had VEGAN YUM CHA. Like everything was so good I can’t even describe it. We got pumpkin dumplings, shiitake mushroom spinach dumplings, mango pancakes, sesame buns, spring rolls, and the most delicious dipping sauces! But I have to say my favourite was probably the mango pancakes with cream cheese filling, or the sesame hedgehog buns... I just have such a sweet tooth. eheh.

Then I spent the rest of the day walking around, getting lost, going bike shopping (just looking not buying), eating copious amounts of rice and pb/banana/jam wraps and sandwiches, and skypeing my INCREDIBLE friend Lily.

Me and Lily skyped for almost 3 hours... THREE HOURS. That's the type of friend she is. She's the type of friend where I can just tell anything to, and she just gets me. Like she just understands my being and my soul and my person. She's just my person. AH. I feel so blessed to have her in my life, and I know she's gonna be there with me every step along my journey. Isn't it amazing also that such a real genuine friendship has blossomed from something so intangible as social media. We met over Instagram, but now we are legitimate real true friends in real life. Like, I just find that concept so flipping AWESOME. Ah. Anyways, now I'm gonna go watch some Friends on Netflix!