Today just solidified a point that I'd been beginning to understand since the beginning of this trip. Your experiences are not determined by your physical location or the physical attributes of the city you're in, it's what you make of your experiences and the people you are surrounded by.

So today, in Sydney, it was cold, rainy, dreary, and grey. Just not feel good weather. But you know what... I had a fucking epic day.

I had breakfast with some lovely family friends. Then found a bookstore in the city and bought a book that my friend recommended to me called The Name of The Wind. I'm already 20 chapters in and obsessed. So I then spent the next 4 hours hidden away in the bookstore reading and getting lost in the mystical corners and fascinating world that the book brought me to. I haven't just let myself read a book that I enjoyed without feeling "unproductive" or almost "guilty" about it in AGES and it just felt so amazing. I wasn't thinking about what I could have been doing with my time, rather I was just loving and enjoying reading for the sake of my love of reading. 

Then my friends Bonny and Tim picked me up and we just ATE OUR WAY AROUND NEWTOWN. But first, we had the most incredible chats. We talked in depth about our upbringing and how influential that was on our personality and the type of people we became. It was just such a refreshing and genuine conversation that it honestly just made my heart so happy.

Then, we met up with Emily and Chris (another lovely vegan couple) and went to Green Gourmet and got the most amazing asian food. We got BBQ pork buns, dumplings, "chicken" and corn soup, rice, Laksa soup, and veggies. Then oh man we went to a gelato place called Gelato Blue and got a brownie sundae with hoky poky ice cream, a waffle cone, chocolate sauce and nuts. YUM IN MY TUM. OMG. I honestly can barely breathe I'm so full but honestly, ZERO REGRETS. SO FLIPPING DELISH, I THINK IM GONNA GO BACK TOMORROW IT WAS SO GOOD HAAH.