Another gloomy day in Sydney, but another wonderful day in the life of Stephanie Yu.

I had such a relaxing morning editing, eating toast, writing, and listening to music. Then went to meet up with a friend called Hannah at the rocks cafe! We had tea and just had incredible conversations about EVERYTHING. She was such a sweet sweet soul and I can't wait to see her again! eheh. Then I caught the train to Cabramatta to meet up with CHERIE who I've been friends with through social media through ages. 

So after I went to the platform and was waiting for the train, I realized that all the tea I had drank was catching up to me, and that I was busting to go to the toilet! So I asked one of the train attendants where the nearest toilet was, and she regretfully informed me that it was quite a walk away and my train was coming in 4 mins! But then she came up with a masterful plan for me to take the train to the next stop where there was a toilet right on the platform, then to wait there for the other train which goes to Cabramatta which came in about 10 minutes! Her plan worked perfectly and it resulted in me having a much more pleasant hour long train trip! I just remember feeling so grateful that she became so invested in my need to find a toilet, she just really went above and beyond just answering my question of where the nearest toilet was, and it just made my heart happy. To know that people like her existed in the world, to know that there are still those who are willing to go the extra mile to help out complete strangers just for the pure joy of serving others reinvigorated my belief in humanity. Anyways, because of her, I had the best hour on that train reading my book and just being rocked into a peaceful trance on that train to Cabramatta.

Then after arriving, I read on a bench for another hour before meeting Cherie and her boyfriend! Okay, so you know those people who you feel like you're already like best friends with even though you've never met in person? Yea, that's how I felt about cherie, we've been friends and talked heaps already through Facebook and I felt like meeting in person was just a formality! The second I saw her I practically jumped on her and gave her the biggest hug, and literally since that second we were comfortable as two friends who had known each other since infancy. eheh. And oh man, her boyfriend is just the gentlest, kindest soul, and them together... AH. KILLS ME. TOO MUCH CUTENESS, AND TOO MUCH BEAUTY. 

So we went for some bomb ass asian food at Loving Hut, and talked and talked and talked and TALKED. Talked about everything you could possibly imagine, and by the end of our meal I felt like I knew them better than I knew many of my friends that I'd known for years.

Then of course no day is complete without dessert, so we drove to Newtown and got gelato again... I got a mint choc ice cream in a waffle cone... oh man, when you get down to the last bit of the cone and its just full of ice cream, that right there is happiness. ahahah. 

We also got to meet this super intriguing women who is currently interviewing 365 vegans for her documentary project, and all 3 of us got interviewed! That was super special and incredible to be a part of. 

And now I just ate a few more slices of toast, skyped my friend Griff to sort out our New zealand plans, and am planning on sleeping REAL SOON!

I'm starting to notice a reoccurring theme in my life, and that is meaningful and genuine conversations with genuine people. That's honestly all I want to do ever in life, with my time. Just talk. But not just have meaningless unsubstantial conversations. I want to talk about deep shit. I want to know YOU, I want to know what makes your eyes light up, what your deepest desires are, what makes you inspired, jazzed up and happy. I want to know your dreams, what you think about, and what you fear. That is what I want to talk about. I'm so done with talking about bananas and mangoes and food. I mean don't get me wrong, that's fine and dandy and I do it all the time in my life cuz well... food is a huge part of my life and I love it eheh. But there's more to me and I know there's more to you than just food. So lets talk about THAT, whatever THAT may be to you whether it's your love for writing, your curious mind, your childhood, your travel bucket list, your dogs, your aspirations or anything in between. 

Alright, I think I'm rambling now because my mind is just exhausted from a long and beautiful day...GOOD NIGHT FOLKS AND I'LL SPEAK TO YA TOMORROWWWW