Today was insane. We basically spent the entire day at the Royal National Park in Sydney with Bonnie and Tim, and man it was AMAZING. While in Sydney I've been staying in the city and I have been going through major nature withdrawals and today I definitely got my fill of the great outdoors. It was amazing to feel mud on my feet, hear birds singing, and even have leeches sucking my blood, ahaha it's all part of the experience of being out in nature!

So after getting lost a few times, we finally made it to the national parks and entered. We wanted to go see these rock pools but we had to make it before high tide so we parked the car, and started the 3 km walk to the pools! I was an idiot and decided that I was gonna do it in my flip flops... that was a decision I'd regret deeply... hahaha. So we began the hike and everything was fine and dandy and absolutely stunning! Green everywhere, crystal blue water to our side, majestic headlands, and an incredibly beautiful and ominous black cloud with rain falling in the distance. We eventually walked out onto the beach and began climbing over these large rocks to make it around the headland to where the pools were. But while we were walking along the beach we noticed that we were right under the storm clouds, but didn't really think anything of it.

Then it started drizzling.. and then literally the next thing we knew we were in the middle of a raging aggressive massive torrential downpour of the fattest rain drops ever. We were instantly soaked, and what was worse, is the tide was coming in fast and STRONG, and the waves were crashing down onto the rocks and pelting us with their spray. The waves were also throwing up sand into the air, and consequently into us. So within the span of a minute we were wet, dirty with sand, being thrown around by the wind and waves, and also slightly scared for our lives. We found a tiny little alcove and assessed the situation. We decided it would be futile and potentially reckless to continue on to the pools, so we turned back and just RAN back to higher ground and tried to get out of there before the tide cam in fully. In the beginning when we were still trying to clamber over rocks and get out before the tide came in, I was honestly just scared. I mean picture this, I was running with my camera bag, in flip flops, in a little bikini shirt and jean shorts, trying to hustle the fuck up and get outta there, but also trying not to fall and crack my head open on the rocks, or lose a shoe, or lose my footing. So needless to say it wasn't exactly pleasant. BUT, after we got out of the rocks and made it onto the sandy shore, I began just loving it. I mean we were on the beach, soaked to the bone, literally witnessing nature do it's magical incredible thing, and just being in the midst of a storm. I mean how cool is that? I honestly can't even remember the last time I was caught in the rain, and man I need to do it more often! Usually when it starts raining, I just always duck into a covering or whip out an umbrella, but I'd forgotten how healing and cleansing and INVIGORATING it is to just to dance and play and BE in the rain. It's hard to even explain why it was so impactful to me but just to be on the beach watching the storm clouds rage around you, hearing thunder and lightning, and just feeling so incredibly alive and present in the moment was so enthralling. I felt so in awe of nature and what it's capable of and it just reminded me of how minuscule and helpless we are in the eyes of nature. I remember running along the beach with my hands out, head raised, just smiling up at the sky while rain drops pelted my face and feeling so happy! I truly felt like if this was a scene in a movie, that there would be the most epic intense music with lots of bass and inspiring instrumentals playing in the background coming to a climax. I almost felt like we were caught in the middle of an epic battle that raged between the gods. I remember hearing the rain drops plop into the ocean while the waves crashed into the shore. I remember running along the wet sand with mist surrounding me and sand splattering my face. I remember barely being able to see there was so much water flying into my eyes. I remember feeling so ALIVE.  I remember feeling so connected to nature. And I remember feeling like this moment in time was so surreal and so incredibly magical. 

Then after we hiked a few kms from the beach it stopped raining, and by the time we got back to the car the sun was coming back out to play. We then drove down to another beach where we explored, chilled and played. We found this area where the sand was super condensed and had formed a sort of ledge, and just slid down the edge playing and amusing ourselves like kids ahah. But seriously it was so fun... And then by that time, we were pretty pooped and exhausted so we went back into the city had pizza, and now I'm gonna pass out and sleep for ages! But man, what an incredible day.