Went for a successful run today, and I define a successful run by whether or not I get lost or not, and today I did indeed get lost, but I mean I can't think of a better way to see a city. eheh. 

Then I went out for a brunch with some lovely family friends in Chinatown, but I think I ate a tad too much oily deep fried stuff that I felt just gross. But anyways... then I came back and me and Chloe decided to go to Bondi for a nice walk :)

We ended up finding this flat rock and just lay on it for ages talking and getting all deep and personal. eheh. I loved hearing her talk about love, because she is truly someone who is 100% deep in love with her husband. The way she talked about him, and them, and love just made me want to tear up. I can't wait to feel that same love and experience life through that lens. 

So after that beautiful conversation and afternoon, we came home, then me, Chloe, and Simon met up with Bonny, Tim, Emily and Chris and we all went to Cabramatta together and had a feast of asian food! BUT FIRST ME AND BONNY GOT SOME BUBBLE TEA! OMG HAVENT HAD BUBBLE TEA SINCE GOING VEGAN AND I ALMOST TEARED UP IT WAS SO YUMMY. I'd forgotten how delicious and fun it was to chew the pearls eheh. But just make sure you check if they're for sure vegan :) Then for dinner we had mushroom congee, vietnamese "beef" pho and shit tons of rice. NOM. and We also just had the most lively rambunctious conversations on health, medicine, veganism, relationships, and our stories! 

It was such a beautiful night, but I did have this hilarious realization a few hours into our dinner that I was 7th wheeling these 3 couples LOL. Made me chuckle! ahahah.

And now It's way past my bed time, and I'm snacking on two huge pieces of sourdough with almond butter, banana, and maple syrup cuz I FEEL LIKE IT EHEH.

Man... I just love people. I just love genuinely kind beautiful people. I just love feeling love, and the feeling of being loved. I just ah, am so unapologetically happy. And it's taken a lot of work, and a lot of pain to get to this place of happiness, but man is it worth it. Man is it wonderful to be happy, man is life incredible