Today was both a difficult and incredible day. Difficult because I experienced many internal battles and waged war on my mind, but wonderful because after the war was won, I had the most simple yet fulfilling day.

It started with a chocolate hazlenut cake that my friends neighbour Caroline made me <3

Spent over 6 hours sitting in the park under the most majestic tree reading my FANATASY book in the sun.

Then I went bike shopping, and feasted on Mexican with my oh so special friend samara. We made some delicious veggie stir fry, rice, salsa, beans, warmed tortillas, and devoured it all with BBQ sauce, sriracha, and kimchi! eheheh.

I then decided it was completely logical to have two cookie butter toasties with banana, and 5 triple chocolate cookies because cookies are a health food right? Oh I may have also snuck in an Oreo donut... Eheh.

I'm Just so at peace with life, with food, with expectations of others, and with my own self worth. It's a daily reminder for me to remember that we are all enough. We do not need validation from others, we are not defined by what others think, by what we look like, or by any other external factor. We are all, right now in this moment so unbelievably enough. We are all worthy of love and respect. We are all perfectly imperfect beings. And we all have the capability and deserve to be so unapologetically and inexplicably HAPPY.