Today was like an aged wine, it just got better and better with time. So it got progressively more rad as the day went on. It started off with waking up to the rain, which basically meant we weren't gonna ride today. I used to resent the rain, I viewed it as an annoying nuisance that kept me indoors, and kept me from running or biking or being outdoors, but now I see it as a beautiful reminder to do other things that I often neglect. So today, instead of making myself go for a run, I just woke up, ate toast, and read for hours.

Then we met Johnnie and Michelle in Wellington for a chill day just spending the day in each others company.  First we went to the Te papa museum, where weexplored a super unique and interactive WWI exhibit. Then we went to a few book stores, and just explored the city in general. We also ended up going to the public library, so that we could use their music room. I literally am obsessed with practicing piano now, and I try to find pianos everywhere I go now, so we spent about an hour practicing and playing there. Then we walked back to Cuba street, where we went to Aunty Mena's (an insane vegetarian vegan Chinese/Malaysian restaurant) for the Happy and Healthy Meetup that I organised. And man it was so much fun. It was a lot smaller than some of the other ones I've organised, but that just meant that we were actually able to get to know each other and connect.

Everyone that went was super rad, but there was one guy who went called michael who was actually the owner of this super hip vegan friendly cafe in Wellington that tons of people here rave about. I loved picking his brain about his entrepreneurial venture, and hearing his story of how he went from a disillusioned investment banker, to an enthusiastic passionate cafe owner. Definitely very inspiring to hear. At the cafe, I ordered the most incredible Laksa with vegi balls, vegan nuggets, roti bread, and sides of rice. NOM. Then we went to this gelato place and I got a double scooper of chocolate and lemon sorbet in a waffle cone... A WAFFLE CONE. MAN THAT IS HAPPINESS.

Then after another hour of just chatting about our thoughts, our lives, our dreams etc, we all parted ways. We ended up driving two of the girls home, and we just all jammed to Ed Sheeran, T Swift, and J Biebs ahahah. Then when we finally got back home around 10 we realized that Griff couldn't find the keys... so we spent another 15 mins looking, and finally found it in the car. Now I'm so dead and ready for bed, but still lots to do... gah. But oh well, such is LIFE. Sometimes you have days where you bike 100 kms, get to bed at 9, and sleep for 12 hours, other days you do nothing all day, go to bed after midnight, and have shit all sleep because you need to be at the ferry the next day in the early morning... BUT ITS ALL GOOD BECAUSE I JUST ATE SOME BISCUITS AND COOKIES AND NOW IM HIGH ON SUGAR AND READY TO SMASH OUT SOME BLOG POSTS AND WRITE SOME ARTICLES. WOOT.