After 4 fitful hours of sleep, we woke up around 5, to tidy up, finish packing and catch the ferry down to the south island! But before we went to the Ferry, we first stopped at Seize, Michael's incredible cafe, where we were lucky enough to stock up on some insane goodies for the ferry ride from Seize.

I also got a delicious lavender rose tea, and the boys got some hot cocoa! Johnnie and Michelle also met us there, and we said our tearful goodbyes to each other. MAN I am going to miss them! After that, we had a 4 hour ferry where I wrote some pieces about gratitude, and also read my book. Then immediately after the ferry, we got some bread from the grocery store, and then started our commute to Christchurch. We spent about another 5 hours driving, and I spent the majority of that time napping and reading The Wise Man's Fear. And even though by the time we found a campsite and settled down, all we'd done all day is sit, we were all exhausted. So we ate some dinner, and now I'm sitting outside in the perfect summer evening, reading. It's seriously paradise here. The weather is almost at 30, its not too windy, and there are willow trees everywhere. There's also chickens all over our campsite, and horses all in the surrounding areas. Doesn't get much better.