Yesterday we ended up finding a free camp site in Arrowtown that was on the lakefront surrounded by lush green grass and willow trees. It was so picturesque and beautiful. But man does it get freezing at night, I was wearing my sweater, winter coat, and under the blanket and I still woke up chilly. Anyways this morning we slept in until about 9:20.... yup. Well I should rephrase and say that I slept in until 9:20, the guys got up before me, but man I just conked out last night I was so exhausted. So after I finally dragged myself out of bed, we just stood around in the sun for awhile, chatting, stretching and eating dates. Then we rode out to the Crown Ranges to do the 10.8 km climb in the ranges. It was basically just 10 km of straight climbing, so we were pushing ourselves for around 50 minutes straight and it was exhausting. It's gruelling doing long 6 hour rides,  but that's more of a test of endurance. But it's a different kind of gruelling to be pushing yourself so intensely for a more concentrated time period. That just takes it out of you, kills your legs, and gets you blinking in salty sweat in under and hour. Griff flew up the hill while Biggi stayed back and helped pace me up. I definitely would not have pushed myself as hard on my own, but because I was just following Biggi's wheel I blocked out all of the doubt in my mind and just kept peddling one after another. I just kept thinking: "Right. Left. Right. Left. Follow Biggi's wheel, keep up, stay with him. Dont slow down. This pain is just temporary. Ignore the burning in your lungs and legs. Just keep breathing, keep pushing, keep on going." When I finally got to the top I felt a little bit like I'd throw up, but man it felt amazing to push myself and give the hill everything I had. After I guzzled some water and caught my breath, we descended down the climb. I used to hate descending, but now after getting some tips from the guys, and just gaining more experience I find it so much fun. Just being able to fly down a hill free as a bird, feel the wind in your hair, and see the world as you zoom down is just so amazing. Then after getting back to our campsite, we ate some more dates, then decided to drive back up to some view points with my camera so we could take some awesome photos of us biking with the epic views. I mean how often do you get to ride up a hill with Southern Alps in the background?

So after our little bike photoshoot, we drove to a public pool by Queenstown to shower, then we headed into town for a very belated lunch. They got some Burritos, and I just went to a grocery store and bought some rolls and ate it with marmalade... lol YUM. My fingers were so sticky and I had marmalade all through my hair but man was it tasty. 

So one issue with camping in free camp sites is that they aren't powered with electricity so we have no means of charging any of our devices, so we've gotten really resourceful and started hitting up local libraries to use their plugs and wifi. So after lunch, we did exactly that. Then after spending the afternoon in the library, we came back, made curry, ate it with rice, bread, hummus, and marmalade... ALL WHILE WATCHING THE PILOT TO THE WALKING DEAD. I kinda love it not gonna lie... definitely going to get into that show when I get reliable wifi. :)