Today was surprisingly and delightfully uneventful day. These last 3 days of crazy adventures has been so jam-packed full of fun and exhilaration, but it's definitely taken its toll on us physically. We (meaning me and Biggi, Griff was totally fine and still wanted to go out and ride) woke up so drained, and so we decided to have a day of resting and doing pretty much nothing. We started the day by eating cereal, laying in the sun, cleaning our bikes, reading, and stretching/chatting. Then around mid day we drove into Arrowtown just to see the town. We walked in the sun, explored the river, went into a fudge shop just to smell the incredible aromas. Then we hit the road towards Milford Sound, and thus the rest of the day was spent in the car chatting, singing, watching the scenery pass by, and just enjoying each other's company. When we were about 2 hours from Milford sound we decided to phone up a few campsites to check their prices, but we soon realized that there was only actually one campsite, and that it was fully booked out. So we just decided to spend the night in Te Anau which is just north of Milford Sound. So after finding a campsite in Te Anau, we used their power station to charge up our electronics, took long hot showers for the first time in ages, washed our dirty smelly clothes, and made another delicious curry in their kitchen. Then somehow we got it in our minds that we should do a 60 km walk tomorrow... it's meant to be done over 3 days, and we're going to try to smash it out in a day... AH I'm scared. So anyways we then had to go to the shops to buy some bread to make PB & J sandwiches, as well as a few kilos of dried fruit.

Then after that we decided to finish off with a dessert of cereals. I had 3 bowls of weetbix and granola with spoonfuls and spoonfuls of tahini, golden syrup and rich chocolate soy milk. So indulgent, so creamy, so satisfying and so tasty. But man if tomorrow goes as we planned, we're gonna need all of that fuel to get through tomorrow!

OH and PS, this is my favorite tree like ever. It was on the campsite we stayed at in Arrowtown and it was the perfect height and shape for sitting in, sitting under, and sitting against. LOVED IT.